Primary School Intra Class Dance Competition, 2021-22

Dance is the conversation of the body with the soul. It is a good exercise and an excellent source for boosting young hearts’ creativity, imagination, confidence, and focus.
Classical and Freestyle Intra-Class Dance Competition was held from 19th December, 2021 to 22nd December, 2021 in the Primary School.

Though there was maximum participation in the audition round, only selected children from classes 1 to 5 participated in the finals.

The dance performances undeniably made everyone go gaga over its reverberating and novel moves. The spellbound audience couldn’t help tapping their feet to the scintillating performance. The participants dressed in colourful costumes twirled around and won everyone’s heart with their thrilling performance.

Our very own talented teachers – Mrs. Vasudha, Mrs. Subbulaxmi, Mrs.Anusha, and Mrs.Sowmya Ram- were the judges and Ms. Ruth Malini was the compere. The Primary School Dance teacher, Mrs. Rupa Devi, ensured the smooth conduct of the competition.

It was a fantastic event to look forward to after two years of absence from regular school. The happiness of the children was amply evident with applause and appreciation.