Purple Day Extravaganza for PP2

Today, our pre-primary class embarked on a magical journey with a captivating Purple Day celebration, immersing themselves in enchanting hues and delightful activities. The classroom blossomed with vibrant purple decorations, igniting excitement and curiosity in their little hearts.
The day began with cheerful purple songs, where they danced along to the rhythm, spreading smiles and joy throughout the room. Engaging in creative activities, they explored the spectrum of purple shades, painting and crafting beautiful masterpieces that reflected their artistic flair. With skilful storytelling, our teachers wove a delightful purple tale that transported them to a world of imagination and wonder.
The highlight of the day was a lively parade through the corridors, where they proudly displayed their purple outfits and showcased the artistic creations they had crafted. The playground underwent a magical transformation into a purple paradise, adorned with balloons and toys in our favourite colour.
As the day concluded, their hearts were brimming with the magic of purple and cherished memories that will forever be part of their pre-primary journey.