The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet hosted its annual alumni reunion on the 25 th and 26 th of December, 2019. The school welcomed the former students who had travelled from every corner of the world to attend the event.
The Sports Reunion, held on the 25 th of December, saw alumni of various walks of life come together to celebrate their love for sports. All the school’s sporting facilities were teeming with life as the alumni made the most of their short time in school. There were many games played that day, including shooting, basketball, cricket, throw ball, and horse riding.
The batch of 1994 celebrated their Silver Jubilee this year, and to mark the momentous occasion, they sourced an anchor and a heavyweight torpedo from the Navy, and gifted them to the school. The school now proudly displays symbols from all the three defence wings.
The evening of 26 th December saw almost 1400 students coming back to their alma mater to relive their best memories. The evening was complete with the school band keeping the crowds entertained with rock classics, and of course, the legendary school food which is the actual reason for the eagles to come back in the first place. It was truly a night to be remembered.