Round Square Community Service at Dungri Village

A community service project was organized by the Doon School under Round Square community service initiative in Dungri village of District Pauri Garhwal from 30th March to 8th April 2019. Mr G Chandrakant,Yoga teacher and a team of five students ;Arpit Varghese, Mihiran Boppana , Dhir J Vasandani,Sreyas Saha , Raghav Guru Krishnan were part of this community service project. The students of various schools came together to build the Community Training Centre at Dungri village which will run skill development programme like electrical fittings in the community centre, boundary construction (wire mesh, pipes and RCC posts) plus gate, toilet water fittings and supply (internal), making of furniture for the community centre, street light fittings and installation of dust bins in the village with the help of local government and Round Square.

The students were also assigned tasks such as compiling project reports on village sustenance and employment, education, health and economy. During the duration of the social service camp, the students were given a full day off as they embarked on a day of a picturesque trek known as the “Jhandidhar” or “Pauri ridge trek” followed by a dip in the “Idgad’ stream waterfall.