The Middle School students from The Hyderabad Public School and their teacher Mrs. Sonali Roy Chowdhury Singh, participated in the Round Square Global Conference hosted by St. Constantine’s International School in Arusha, Tanzania. This conference was specifically designed for students aged 11 to 13 years.
The event kicked off with an impressive opening ceremony held at the SCIS campus. The ceremony showcased the vibrant African culture, leaving a lasting impression on the attending students.
On the second day of the conference, the students had the opportunity to attend Barazza sessions at The African Art Gallery. These sessions likely involved discussions and interactive activities related to art and culture.

The students were taken to the Fanaka Campsite on the third day. They engaged in activities such as camping, bush drives in the Masai Mara, ziplining, cycling, and discussions around the campfire. This day was filled with adventure and camaraderie among the participating schools.

The final day included a visit to Ngorongoro Crater Park, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site. This excursion allowed the students to experience the breathtaking beauty and richness of the African landscape. The conference focused on important themes of sustainability, environmental protection, and cooperation under “Taifa La Kesho – Tomorrow’s Nation.”

Approximately 15 Round Square member schools from different countries participated in the conference, providing a global platform for students to learn and collaborate. The Hyderabad Public School students had the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from various African countries, forming lasting friendships and gaining a deeper understanding of global issues.

Overall, this experience was immensely enriching for the students as they immersed themselves in another culture and developed a broader perspective on the world’s challenges. It provided them with remarkable exposure and an opportunity for personal growth.