Round Square Zoom Post Card

The Hyderabad Public School organized a Round Square postcard on December 30, 2020 on the topic “Power of Affirmations.”The event was coordinated by our school counsellor, Ms Reena along with student co-ordinators Ihita Varada, Shiva Brahmavidh and Maheen Rida.

The planning for the event started a month prior to the scheduled date, with the student coordinators proposing ideas with support and guidance from Ms Reena. The participant engagement program required all the participants to submit a picture before the conference, depicting the outcome and consequences of the lockdown and the year 2020. A major part of the conference consisted of participants interacting and sharing their learnings from the year 2020. Short films and powerpoint presentations were collated and rehearsals were conducted for a sleek execution of the conference.

The proceedings started with Maheen introducing the theme of the conference and the organising team, with Shiva taking over with a presentation that reflected the hardships encountered in the past and provided a perspective on being motivated.Ihita, Shiva and Maheen interacted with the participants about the insights that they gained during the pandemic.The next session of the conference dealt with the participants sharing the importance of gratitude through presentations and videos.Ms Reena spoke about perseverance and tolerance during vulnerable situations as the pandemic and the importance of being optimistic.The conference was concluded by Maheen with a video by Steve Harley which captured the goal of the session.

The major learning outcome of the conference were organisational skills, coordination and spontaneous dialogues which built confidence while interacting with people.The session provided a platform to the organisers and audience to remain positive with a pleasant mindset and avert negativity.

Reliability, spontaneity and confidence are the major requirements for conducting such sessions. The execution and final outcome will be successful if the prior arrangements are handled with ample preparation.