Rwishiraj – the budding writer

Rwishiraj R. C. Kar, a student of class 7 is a budding writer and has brought out his maiden book named ‘To bend the Bleeding Shadow’.The book is divided into three parts with eleven chapters that express his thoughts about war and its endless cycle of conflict.Being an avid reader he has many thoughts to express from all his reflections.

Rwishiraj states that from the time he began reading he has loved three genres in particular Fantasy, History and Mystery. The book he has written is a fantasy novella. He is inspired by three writers namely J.R.R Tolkien who used fantasy as a mirror to reflect the real world and its history;Robert Jordan who created new cultures and wrote based on history inspired by India and Brandon Sanderson who created visually interesting magic based on the fusion and fission of nuclear energy.

Rwishiraj expresses that he wrote this book during lockdown when he had no escape into the outside world.