Salad Day, Class 1- 2023-24

“Salad Days” was a celebration of fresh and vibrant flavors, often involving a variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. It was a chance to create a healthy and colorful meal that provided essential nutrients while satisfying the palate.

Class 1 students savored eating veggie salad together on 14th August 2023, as a part of a classroom activity. The main intention was to make the children aware of the importance and benefits of vegetables in our daily life.

Salad Day encouraged a mindful approach to eating that emphasized both taste and well-being. The students got a deeper understanding of the significance of incorporating salads into their daily diets.

Parental cooperation plays a vital role in supporting the child’s growth and development. It is important for parents to encourage healthy eating habits and provide a variety of nutritious options. By working together, we can help our children develop a lifelong appreciation for healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle.