Satish Reddy’s visit

Mr. Satish Reddy, alumni of the school, an eagle coming back to its nest, visited HPSB on 20th December, 2019. Mr. Satish Reddy is a Chief Engineer at The Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. He had come to enrich the students with the fact that all subjects are interlinked in one way or another. He showed them a presentation based on rocket launches and also informed them about the works of NASA. He told the students that they must always be good and kind to their classmates. He also told them that failures after failures are what lead to success. He proudly stated that if he had given up after facing failures in his career, he would not have reached where he is today. After his presentation, a question and answer session was held during which the students asked him various questions. It was a very fascinating session for the children and for Mr. Satish Reddy as he experienced nostalgia and unexplainable joy.