School Exhibition 2019

The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet organised its Annual School Exhibition on 5th September, 2019.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri Antony Joseph, Distinguished Scientist, Programme Director, Advanced Naval System Programme, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO).

The Primary School students presented exhibits on the theme ‘India – Then and Now’.

The Social Studies Department focused upon communication, transportation, farming, education and currency. The science department  focussed upon Agriculture, Space Exploration, Food and Medicine. The displays showcased, Aryabhatta to chandrayan 2.

The Mathematics Exhibition put forth intriguing models and games that beautifully showcased the transformation of Mathematics in time across different fields – Money, Banking, Time, Measurements and Traditional games to Modern Games.

The Telugu department shared the sweetness to the mother tongue through poems and songs by the students. The Hindi Depatment  organized poems and songs on  nature by the primary students.

The Computer Department – Indian Super Computers & Mobile Technology Then and Now.

The theme of the Senior school exhibition was ‘water’.

The English Department put up a skit depicting the journey of water down the ages along with poetry recitation and vocabulary   games. The Hindi Department put up a street play that depicted the struggles that humanity would have to face in the future if water is not conserved today. The Telugu Department had the students celebrating rural India with ‘Kolatam Dance’.

The Mathematics Department focused on the Kaleshwaram Project, upstream and downstream calculations. The Physics Department put up interesting exhibits such as ‘In search of water on Moon, Story of Chandrayaan 2’, Hydraulic Machines, Water Fountains & Sonar Devices. The Chemistry Department had working models to show chromatography, water purification and rain water harvesting. The Biology Department had presentations of Human evolution, fluids and body systems were also explained through models.

The History Department put up models displaying the irrigation systems of ancient civilizations like the Egyptian and the Chinese. The Geography Department focused on conservation of underground water and raising awareness regarding the causes of pollution in oceans.

The Economics Department presented a case study on using water as currency. The Commerce Department advocated the idea of water conservation, entrepreneurship, self-sustainability through terrace farming. The students of Computer Science Department made a water themed blogging website for HPS students to post their concerns on various aspects of water shortages, pollution and wastage.

The Psychology students focused on presenting theories on busting myths on Zodiac Signs.

They also presented the functioning of a hydrated and a dehydrated brain.

The Chief Guest Shri Antony Joseph, congratulated the students on their brilliant depiction of the theme in different subjects.