Senses Day – PP1

From new born to adults, the five senses are involved in providing meaningful learning experiences. Children generally use all the five senses – sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of taste and sense of hearing, to gain the knowledge from their surrounding environment.
PP1 children learnt about the five-sense starting from 7-12-2020 to 21-12-2020. Each sense was taught individually to give them a hands-on experience to understand and relate to their experiences. For instance, when sense of sight was introduced, children were involved in playing I SPY WITH MY EYE using the picture dictionary. Similarly, when sense of smell was discussed, the children were asked to bring any two objects to smell such as incense, ginger, flowers, perfume, etc. children shared their understandings about the sense of smell. Over the two weeks children familiarised with all the five sense through different sensory play activities. They also understood that experience is better when you can use more than one sense and all the five-senses work together to give us a complete experience.


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