Ship Building session for the Navy Cadets.

It was overwhelming for the Navy cadets of the NCC wing of The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet when they were asked to come to school for the inaugural ceremony of the most prestigious ship modelling club which was graced by the esteemed Chief Guest Captain Srinivas Commanding officer 1 Telangana Naval Unit NCC, Hyderabad, Principal -Dr.Skand Bali,Vice Principal-Mrs.Amrita Chandra, Head mistress-primary school Mrs.Bharathi.D, Registrar -Col.Sharma and the Senior school coordinator-Dr.Neeta Bhisht and a number of other dignitaries.
Ship modeling is one of the important skills which develops Critical thinking, problem solving. They learn the basics of Archimedes’ principle and the concept of Buoyancy. This helps students improve their imaginative power and come up with new innovations, work as a team and inculcate competitive spirit. This would also assist the students to gain knowledge about tools, materials and accessories.
The entire program turned out to be a huge success and also a learning point for the young cadets.The senior cadets who had come from the Telangana Naval Unit, NCC Hyderabad presented a working model of a ship to the young cadets who were fascinated by its meticulously put together structure.
The principal also mentioned that this activity was not only contained to the Navy wing but also available for the other students. He also put forward a suggestion that the parts of the ship could be purchased in such a way that there wouldn’t be any hazard for the tiny tots of the primary school.


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