Smile day

The atmosphere in the Pre Primary block was bright and cheerful as the classes of PP2 celebrated ‘Smile Day’ on the 24th of October 2018. Keeping with the theme, the children looked adorable in yellow smiley t-shirts and the teachers also dressed in yellow and wore smiley badges.

Each class displayed an array of things that would bring a smile to any child’s face, and that it did! Topics like ‘family and friends’, ‘cartoons’, ‘toys’, ‘eatables’, ‘helping others’ and ‘my pets’ were colourfully displayed on the bulletin boards.

Some children were thrilled to see pictures of their family and friends in school, while others were ecstatic to see their favourite cartoons, snacks, toys, etc.What made the children most excited was the number of bright yellow balloons that decorated the block.

The day began with a special assembly where the children melodiously sang a song about smiling. It was a day packed with smiles and laughter!