Social Studies workshop by Vikramjith Singh Rooprai.

Mr. Vikramjit Singh Rooprai conducted a workshop on interdisciplinary learning on 16TH September 2022. It was an engaging session, and teachers were exposed to a plethora of enlightening facts.
Mr. Vikramjit Singh Rooprai is an author, educator, and heritage activist and has developed unique programs and techniques to study History through modern-day technology. He possesses an exceptional art of storytelling and remarkable oratory skills with a capability of reciting with great vigour.
‘Heritageshala’ is one such initiative by Mr. Rooprai which empowers people to learn through events from History. As a part of this initiative, Heritage Labs are set up in schools and colleges to perform various research experiments and to train teachers on how to use History to teach multiple subjects.
The workshop focused on breaking the monotony in the classroom through tapping the five senses. The significant learnings of the session were:
● When teaching History in every class, knowledge should be exchanged and not passed on.
● Demystifying the nuances of Experiential Learning will always be conducive to the teaching-learning process. It will reduce the teacher’s load and replace conventional learning.
● Experiential Story telling or Narrative Pedagogy will enhance the reception of students or the target audience.
● The structure of a story should be according to the Dramatic Arc or Three Act Model.
● Knowing the audience, localising content, and making signs easily intelligible to students will help immensely.