Special Assembly: Bonalu -2023-24

As part of our school’s momentous centennial celebrations, a special assembly took place on July 14, 2023, which brought to life the fervor of Bonalu, a traditional festival deeply rooted in the rich heritage of Telangana, India.

The assembly commenced with a captivating introduction to Bonalu, shedding light on its significance and symbolic importance in our culture and traditions.

To add a burst of vibrant energy to the occasion, students from classes 3, 4, and 5 adorned themselves in colorful traditional attire. They took the stage to showcase the exuberance of Bonalu through traditional dances. The young girl dancers gracefully swayed to the resonating beats, captivating the audience with their performance. Notably, the boys dressed as Potharajulu added an extra touch of charisma and enthusiasm that caught everyone’s attention, truly electrifying the atmosphere.

We firmly believe that such cultural celebrations are pivotal in enriching our educational journey, enabling us to embrace and cherish our heritage. Participating in these festivities strengthens our identity as responsible and culturally aware individuals, fostering a sense of unity and pride within our diverse school community.
As we continue our centennial celebrations, we look forward to more such enriching experiences that will empower our students to embrace their roots while also embracing the world beyond, nurturing well-rounded global citizens.