Sports Day-PP

A modern and a contemporary sports event ‘Coolympics’ was organized by PP1 from 24th Oct to 27th Oct October in the lawns of pre primary block. It was one of a kind event held for the first time in pre-primary. The celebration was graced by the Registrar Lt. Col. PLN Sarma and HM Primary Mrs. Bharathi The objective of the event was to bring awareness in the kids about the different kinds of sports like basketball, cricket, table tennis, kabaddi, football, hockey and tennis and also about forgotten games like Pachisi, Astha  Chamma/chaouka bara ,Ludo, Kanche/ marbles,Moksha patam/ snakes n ladders,Lattoo/ wooden top,Gilli danda ,Lagori/ pitto/ satoliya ,Gutte/ 5 stones,

The pre primary block was adorned with cheers leaders, flags and fields with 7 different types of sports-basketball, cricket, table tennis, kabaddi, football, hockey and tennis. The children took part with a lot of enthusiasm and zest. Children were with stunned and amused playing different sports.

All in all the entire event was a humongous accomplishment and it was educational for children of all age groups.