Sub Staff Sports Day

The pillars of HPS and the people behind the smooth functioning of this great institution had a day of fun and frolic when the support staff of HPS Begumpet had their sports day. The Hyderabad public school begumpet as per tradition had its sports day even for the support staff. The chief guest for the day was Mrs. Shivani Bali and the guest of honor was our principal Dr. Skand Bali. The sun was shining bright when numerous games and competitions were held by the physical education department of the school. Games like relay, musical chairs and volleyball were held and the staff enjoyed a day away from their usual routine. The students of class 12 honoured the sub staff by serving them lunch and taking on their garb and their mannerisms. The chief guest Mrs. Shivani delighted everyone by singing a Telugu song melodiously and attributed her knowledge of the language to one of the support staff, Mr. Ramesh. This gesture won the hearts of all the hardworking eagles who work silently behind the scenes and have made HPS what it is today.