COVID-19 had contained all outdoor play options for children. With increased screen time, children had very few opportunities for physical movements, social interactions, exploration, construction, creativity, and the experience of full range of human emotions.

Children have a great energy source, and we must facilitate them to direct this energy positively. Keeping children active and fit can help them become physically and mentally healthy. They need to play more than ever to activate their innate capacity for adaptations and, thus, beat the psychological impacts of the pandemic.

So, we at HPSB have come up with various summer camp activities from May 2, 2022, to May 31, 2022, to make children independent and confident, enhance leadership skills, build friendships, learn social skills, improve decision-making skills and improve teamwork.

Our Principal Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat inaugurated the camp on May 2, 2022. Approximately 350 students reported for various games like cricket, basketball, football, skating, and tennis. Every morning the camp begins with pranayama practices followed by the scheduled activities. A regular schedule provides a sense of self-control, predictability, calmness, and well-being for children.