Teatime snack by Class 3

On 1st October, 2020 as a part of the ongoing English lesson activity “Teatime Snack” students of class III participated in an interactive session in which they learnt how to make sandwiches. Kids were eagerly waiting well before the class started with all the required ingredients. They brought brown bread, slices of cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers and assembled these ingredients into a yummy healthy sandwich. They meticulously followed the instructions given by their teachers. Furthermore, the young chefs also demonstrated their creative abilities by decorating their sandwiches with ketchup smileys. They later relished their delicious self-made treats. They also shared it with their family and wished they could share it with their friends and teachers too. This activity helped students learn how to be more independent. It was also an exercise in developing fine motor skills, delayed gratification and vocabulary.


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