Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam

To commemorate the birthday of Poet Kaloji, our Telangana State has declared September 9th as Telugu Language Day. On this occasion we celebrated the Telugu Language Day on 9th September at our primary school. The students were all impressive dressed in the colorful traditional attire. Students recited and sang poems, songs, to describe the glory of of the Telugu language.
After the formation of the state of Telangana, the state government chose to some emblems to state the uniqueness of the state. The students displayed the Telangana state symbols with beautiful models.
The school principal, Hon. Dr. Skand Bali, adviced the students not to neglect their mother tongue while learning other languages. Because most of the prominent persons like French Prime ministers, Russian Prime minister were educated in their native languages only.
On whole, This was a very colourful, fun and a message-oriented event.