Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam

Telugu is the mother tongue of crores of people. It is one of the ancient languages of our country. It has the maximum number of alphabets in its rich vocabulary. Telugu poets have contributed a great volume of literature in forms like poems, prose, drama and story.

The great modern Telugu poet of Telangana, Sri Kaloji Narayana Rao, was born on 9th of September 1914 in Bijapur, Karnataka. He, with his literature, united and led the people of Telangana. The government announced his birth date i.e., 9th of September as ‘Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam’

The Hyderabad Public School students expressed their gratitude to their mother tongue by offering their heartfelt prayers through the song. ‘Ma telugu thalliki mallepoodanda’on11th September. The assembly proceeding was carried out in Telugu.

The Principal, Dr. Skand Bali, addressed and encouraged the students to stay connected to their mother tongue along with English, The Vice-Principal, Mrs Amritha Chandra Raju, addressed the students in Telugu and advised them to respect their mother tongue with its usage in a proper way.

HDFC Bank instituted “Teachers are Winners” award to honour teachers on teachers day for their service and spending their lives educating the young people and shaping the citizens of tomorrow.

11th of September was chosen as the day to felicitate 10 teachers. 8 teachers were awarded for their outstanding contribution to the school and dedicating 25 years of their life serving the school, and 2 teachers for not availing their leaves.