Tharunimm Jamal at COP24

Tharunimm Jamal of class10 A attended the United Nations Conference of Youth 14 (UN COY14), an official side event of  United Nation Conference of Parties 24(UN COP24)summit  hosted by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) , UNESCO, and UNDP. The UN COP24 summit at Poland was attended by Delegates from across the world, along with celebrities, education keepers and politicians like US senator Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tharunimm  is involved in Environment Conservation Programmes at school level and collection & distribution of basic necessities like food, clothes and medicine as a volunteer attached to Food Bank,Hyderabad.

The 15 days programme was packed with series of conferences and interaction with student communities from all over the world. Tharunimm  represented  a team with a tagline #DECARBONIZE #DECOLONIZE and presented White Paper, a 20 page document which had the opinions of over 120 students from around the world , typed in the blogs, web-conferences and knowledge of the representatives covering three main topics in the form of rhetorical questions: Who are we? ,Where do we want to go?, How do we get there?