The Centenary Tribute Programme

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In the resplendent setting of Shaheen, where the echoes of the century-long journey of the school resonated, we gathered on the 8 February, 2024 for a momentous occasion- the Centenary Tribute Programme. The centenary year of 2023 commenced with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm and the Grand Finale in December marked its culmination.
Throughout this journey, the staff members played an indispensable role, pouring their hearts and souls into ensuring the success of every event and initiative. Their dedication and tireless efforts were acknowledged and honoured during the Centenary Tribute Programme.
The programme was graced with the presence of esteemed members of the Board of Governors and the Managing Committee, who have played pivotal roles in shaping the identity and direction of our institution. Presentation of exquisite mementoes, remarkable pieces of artwork crafted by our talented students ranging from classes 8 to 12, and bouquets encapsulated our profound appreciation.
The programme began with a welcome speech by the Principal, Dr. Skand Bali, who at the end of his speech, shared the information about a special centenary gift for the entire staff of the school. Centenary Souvenirs were presented to the exceptional staff members, teaching,
administrative as well as the support staff. The approach to distributing the centenary souvenirs reflected our commitment to inclusivity and positivity within our cohorts. A process was carefully crafted that ensured everyone felt valued and celebrated, regardless of the background or circumstance. By promoting a sense of belongingness and appreciation for each individual, the BOG and the Managing Committee aimed to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates diversity and unity in equal measure.
Each souvenir symbolized profound gratitude of the members of the BOG and the Managing Committee for the commitment and dedication of the staff. Their contributions were further acknowledged through speeches by key figures like Mr. Mr. Jalagam Venkat Rao, Secretary and treasurer, HPS Society, Mr. M. A. Faiz Khan, Vice President HPS Society and member BOG, Mr. R Raghuram Reddy, Vice Chairman, BOG, and Mr. Gusti J Noria, President, HPS Society.
The programme also featured soul-stirring performances, including an invocation song by Ms. Moushumi Chitarkaar, our Music teacher, paying tribute to the late legendary Lata Mangeshkar, a lively Telugu folk song celebrating unity and camaraderie by Mr. Ramesh, our chef, and a medley of melodious songs performed by our teachers, Ms. Sujaya Saha Pal, Ms.Moushumi Chitrakaar, Ms. Amrita Chakravarty and Ms. Saborni Ghosh. These performances added a touch of grace and cultural richness to the event.
As the programme drew to a close, a note of gratitude was expressed by the Vice Principal, Ms. Amritha Chandra Raju, on behalf of the entire HPS fraternity. The event concluded with the national anthem, a staff group photograph, capturing the moment and etching it in the history of the school and high tea.