The English Recitation Competition

The amphitheatre located in the HPS campus wears a rather deserted look throughout the year. Come January and it seems to buzz…. Not with the usual quiet insect, bird and animal life – but with the noisy, boisterous, active kind of Student life!
This Amphitheatre, a peaceful little place, is another jewel in the HPS ( B ) topography. It is tucked away in the quiet nook behind the Primary School under the shady iconic Tamarind Tree, the great old Jamun tree and the Mango tree which bestows upon us a bounty of tempting mangoes every summer.
In January one sees hundreds of Primary School children stomping through this place, where the little ones compete for the most coveted prizes in the English Group Recitation. Mention must be made that the whole Class participates.
This event is a veritable Poetry Carnival. The fact that every child in the class is able to learn poems by great poets and recite it effortlessly with perfect pronunciation and required expression is indeed an achievement in itself. Irrespective of the Prizes won, the very experience is enriching not just for the students, but for everyone fortunate enough to witness it.
The children of Class III had their Group Recitation scheduled on 13th February 2020. The greenery around the Amphitheatre wore a spruced up look as the children lined up in disciplined, rehearsed order and patiently awaited their turn. As expected their Recitation was a feast for any poetry lover. All eight sections put up their best performance to showcase almost two months of rigorous practise