The launch of Chandrayaan 3

The young students of Class II at The Hyderabad Public School recently witnessed an exhilarating adventure – the launch of the Chandrayaan 3 rocket at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Despite the scorching heat, Aadya, Agastya, Karthikeya, Ayaan, Dhruva, Ridhaan, Shritha, Tapasya and Vadik displayed remarkable patience and perseverance for four hours, cheering VANDEMATARAM and JAI HIND to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring event. Their efforts paid off when the spacecraft’s ignition roared to life and was successfully placed in orbit of the moon.

The experience left them in awe and they creatively shared their adventure with their peers at the school assembly using placards. The unforgettable experience has inspired their peers to explore space and beyond, and they are eagerly counting down the days until the Chandrayaan 3 rocket’s success.

It was an exciting adventure for the young students, and they are thrilled to continue exploring the world beyond our planet.