the power of why

The Department of Economics invited the Indian School Of Business and Finance to conduct a workshop
on the ‘Power of Why’. The Power of Why is an enquiry based approach to understand Economics
Management and Finance. It was a workshop where 20 teams from various schools throughout the city
came to HPSB to be a part of this enriching workshop. The workshop started at 8.30 am and concluded
at 2.30 pm. It was a day filled with information being shared. The participating students were asked to
analyse a contemporary business case study like Indigo vs. Jet Airways based on how Jet Airways lost its
market shares to Indigo.
A quiz was conducted on the Finance and Business acumen of the students. The workshop ended on a
note of activity of Bulls and Bears where students were divided into groups , given virtual currency of
one lakh dollars and were asked to invest the money in shares of various companies.