Transport Day

“Row row row your boat….” and “wheels on the bus…” does that ring any bells? Irrespective of which generation you belong to, these rhymes have had an everlasting effect and more specifically if there are any vehicles involved.
Starting from the 26th of July, children of PP1 celebrated “Transport Day”, by learning about one mode of transport each week. Children were shown presentations of land vehicles from single-wheel Unicycles to Trucks. Later they were introduced to the concept of Railways. A scrapbook activity of pasting a car, a school bus with traffic signals was done to reinforce the concept with traffic safety rules.
Water transport was introduced with a bowl of water and a boat in it with the teacher singing Row, row, row your boat. Children also saw a presentation on water vehicles and finished with the activity of a boat and a submarine in the scrapbook.
The last and the third mode of transport was ‘Air transport’. Teachers recapitulated the land and water transport before they introduced air transport. Children saw different air vehicles and a supporting activity was done with an airplane and a rocket to emphasise the concept learnt. Finally, those three weeks sailed smoothly.