Virtual Grandparent’s Day Event – Class 1, 2021-2022

Grandparents demonstrate this definition of love in great abundance. A grandparent serves as an anchor for a youngster while they navigate an unfamiliar environment. They not only look after the child’s physical wellbeing but also nurture mental and spiritual growth.

In these exceptional times, Class 1 celebrated “Virtual Grandparent’s Day” on 4th October 2021 to show them their gratitude and honour.

Dressed in colour-coordinated attires, the children spoke fondly about their grandparents. As a personal way to make their Grandparents Day special, they presented self-made beautiful greeting cards to them. Grandparents, and their grandchildren, participated in various activities like Quick Snack, Hand in Hand, etc. Loads of blessings, smiling faces, and excitement filled the atmosphere.

Eventually, the grandparents and grandchildren shook a leg, making it a joyful event.