Virtual Synergy – Class 4

Smart learning with co-curricular activities integrated results in an engaging and effective teaching-learning experience.
The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, and The Sapphire International School, Ranchi have envisioned that a comprehensive virtual interactive session is the need of the hour. A virtual Interactive Session for Class 4 students was conducted on 29th August, 2020.
The agenda for the session was how the students were coping with COVID-19 and the students voiced their opinion that they miss their school, friends, and visiting cousins. However, they felt the school curriculum and their hobbies were keeping them engaged.
The agenda for the following three sessions was Festivals, Food, Culture, and Heritage of their respective states.
Students very enthusiastically introduced to each other the major festivals celebrated in their states, popular cuisines, traditional attire, cultural zenith, and rich heritage.
The students beamed with excitement on taking a virtual tour of the state of their counterparts and expressed their desire to visit them in near future.

The virtual synergy was educative, exhilarating, and gave the students a much-needed break.


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