Vision 2050

The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, hosted a unique, one of its kind Workshop in the history of educational enterprise, at the School level on the 21 st & 22 nd of November and the 12 th and 13 th of December, 2020. This ambitious exercise was undertaken by The Hyderabad Public School Society to formulate the Vision Statement, “HPS Vision 2050”. This
empowering, envisioned exercise was designed with the express purpose of providing
direction in the further development of the Hyderabad Public Schools to becoming global
institutions of educational excellence.The USP of this in person Workshop was its blend of participants that ranged from stalwarts the administrative, business, diplomatic, ecological, educational, governmental, legal,
medical, political, psychological, scientific and social fields to members of the HPS Society,
all stakeholders of the Schools- students, teachers, parents, Principals, Vice Principals to its illustrious alumni. Enlightening and passionate discussions followed on core purpose, values, mission and descriptive assumptions that captured the operating model of the HPS Schools for the period


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