Workshop on Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills

Pitambar Publishing Co. Pvt Ltd and Rising Sun Publishing Company conducted a workshop titled Developing Reading Comprehension and Creative writing Skills –In literature & Poetry on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

The Resource person was Dr Rajini Krishnaswamy,an academician with 40 years of experience in the field. The workshop started with the much discussed and talked about topic –Why a new curriculum? Teaching should be Curriculum based and child centered where their participation is paramount. The approach recommended was integrated where an educator must attempt to connect and correlate knowledge and experiences across various topics as well as across subject areas. The learning outcomes should be smart and assessment could be ‘for learning or ‘of learning’.

During the break a short stories collection “Scattered Leaves” authored by Mrs. Manika Mehta was released. The stories touched on different facets of ordinary women, who in their own way are stars of a kind and have shone like none other in their lives. Mrs. Manika Mehta is a compassionate educator with years of teaching experience. She is a self motivated writer, storyteller poet and philosopher who believes in unveiling the real unsung heroes in her writings.