To celebrate the significant occasion of “World Cycling Day,” the students of HPS Begumpet Cycling Club, accompanied by parents and teachers, organized a bicycle ride around Hussain Sagar.
The students eagerly participated in this event, displaying tremendous enthusiasm and joy throughout the ride. It was an excellent opportunity for them to engage in physical activity and experience the joys of cycling.

The event aimed to foster a sense of love and interest in cycling among the students. By participating in this ride, the students were able to witness the benefits of cycling firsthand, such as promoting physical fitness, environmental sustainability, and a sense of freedom and adventure.

The event’s success was evident in the students’ active participation and positive response to the activity. It encouraged them to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle and instilled a passion for cycling.

By organizing such events, the school and the cycling club demonstrated their commitment to promoting sports and physical activities among students. The ride around Hussain Sagar served as a memorable and enjoyable experience, leaving a lasting impression on the participants.

Overall, the World Cycling Day event was a resounding success in fostering a love for cycling among the students, encouraging them to embrace an active lifestyle, and promoting the numerous benefits associated with this sport.