Yellow Day 2023

The PP1 children geared up for an exciting celebration of the enchanting “Yellow Colour Day” with bright minds. The kindergarten was adorned with cheerful yellow decorations, setting the stage for a day full of sunshine and learning. The children came dressed in various shades of yellow, radiating positivity and excitement.

Our “Yellow Colour Day” was a journey of exploration and creativity. From yellow-themed art projects to engaging games, the children immersed themselves in the world of this vibrant hue. The highlight of the day was a joyful parade where our little ones proudly showcased their yellow creations.

Through interactive activities, we aimed to teach children about colours and how they shaped the world around us. From the golden sun to the chirpy canaries, the significance of yellow came alive in their young hearts and minds. It was a day of laughter, learning, and the sunny spirit of “Yellow Colour Day”. We hope you joined us for a day full of sunshine and fun!